Life After Graduation

Congratulations to all high school graduates. Remember that there is life after graduation. You may have grumbled and whined frequently about going to school and all the homework you had to do, but like most normal students, you have recently seen the end or felt the impact on your emotions that this finality carried with it. You spent many days in the elementary, middle, and high school waiting, hoping, and anticipating the end - graduation day. On this day that end had come, and you may have found yourself less inspired than you thought. When the graduation ceremonies were over, after you left the school, you left behind many memories and everything you have ever known to challenge the obstacles of a perplexed society.

To you, the future may have seemed disheartening or frightening in a venture requiring courage. You never liked the idea of leaving many of your friends and cherishing moments - changing and moving forward. For some of you, however the situation might be different. You may have been the type of person who wanted to get away from the school or community as quickly as possible. The school days may or may not have been tormenting to you.

In reality, all graduates are different. Each one wants different things from life. Now is the time to embrace that difference. Now is the time to decide which direction you will go for the rest of your life. The time to decide what kind of person you want to be. The kind of person who is afraid of change, or the kind of person who wants to scurry through life. People that have been able to adapt to the changing times have survived the years of turmoil that is prevalent in the world today.

Don't fret or be afraid to accept the things that come your way in life? Don't be fearful of moving forward and finding new and exciting things to accomplish? Don't miss out on everything that is truly important because you are worried about finances or trivial things which in the end will fix themselves anyway?

Go forth and think positively about the future. Even though you know that the world is an unpredictable place with threats of war, terrorism, famine, disease and everyday conflicts and disputes hovering over you. Remember what all your teachers and parents said to you: with the right attitude and perseverance anything is possible. You can be a physician, lawyer, engineer, teacher, nurse, scientist or craftsman. Just remember when trying to do these things, do not miss out on the important things in life. You are part of a growing movement for change in the way our society is organized. Your generation will accomplish monumental things during your lifetime. You can be a part of this fabulous movement if you are willing to embrace it and see life for what it really is.

It isn't going to be easy, and you will be confronted with opposition from others time after time. You may have met failure a countless number of times in the past and will continue to encounter more diappointment, betrayal, unfairness, and prejudice. No matter how talented or intelligent you think you are, there's going to be a  point in your life when like a wailing youngster with abrasive knees, you will need to be embraced and comforted.

You can rely on inspirational thoughts in your moments of duress. You can look back to your earlier school days and remember some of the most unforgettable events in your earlier life. You can enjoy the aroma of flowers in the air, the singing birds in the trees, wild life scurrying about and realize that most things will be just fine. Always do what makes you happy and wake up every morning with a positive outlook on life. Always have the courage to follow your heart and intuition, and put forth your best effort in everything you do.

Fianally and most importantly, never forget graduation day. You are a member of a graduating class that left behind some of the precious moments of your life to challenge a complex world. Always remember - there is life after graduation.

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Read a Tribute to Education through poetry by Joseph T. Renaldi

Graduation Day

Graduation Day is the climax of a dream.
A parental dream that began when a child is born,
And their hope come true it would seem,
A triumph held after periods of forlorn,
A feeling of pride and euphoria years away
For a daughter or son - Graduation Day.

It is a peak of success for the graduate,
Not only for the graduate but parents too.
A joyful event after many years they had to wait,
Realizing the glorious thrill of a dream come true,
A genuine smile accompanied by a deep sigh,
Often a handkerchief in hand as the class goes by.

Graduation is a deserving, hard earned goal
With mortarboard and gown as foretold,
A gratifying service of the mind and soul
In a simple and beautiful sheepskin told
That the graduate fulfilled the educational rule.
At last, for the mother and father, a dream come true.
Graduation Day!
Joseph T. Renaldi





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Duties Of A Teacher

The everyday duties of a teacher
Are as difficult as they can be,
Whether in an elementary or secondary school
Or whether the teacher is a he or she.

The teacher must possess a bundle of information,
A knowledge that will constantly shine,
And in addition must maintain class discipline
To keep all the students properly in line.

There are insurmountable number of questions
To be answered during every period of the day,
And test papers must be carefully graded when
The students leave and go merrily on their way.

The pleasures and encounters of an evening out
Are few and seldom to be socially shared,
Because the next day's lessons must have priority,
Be reviewed and lessons carefully prepared.

A dedicated teacher gets a personal satisfaction
In this cumbersome and timeless atmosphere.
The role of a teacher is vital in this complex world,
Preparing all students for a future career.
Joseph T. Renaldi